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... the Vizlogix Responsive bOOtstrap Multisite Content Management System. VROOM is based on the solid Halogy CMS, extended by Vizlogix to utilize the Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework on the front-end code as well as in the administration dashboard.

Help for end-users

Installation and Developer Documentation

VROOM provides:

Fast & simple website updates

We’ve built VROOM to utilize Markdown to update your site’s content. With its easy-to-understand syntax, a user can easily update their own website. All website changes may be made within a page on the website, rather than through the dashboard, so you can easily preview the changes as you make them.

Versatile layout and style customization

You can start with your own favorite template (i.e., HTML and CSS files) as the basis for your VROOM-based website.

Update your site on the go!

Since VROOM's dashboard is Bootstrap-based, you can log into your site from your smartphone or tablet and see the most popular pages on your site, the most-viewed products, etc. If you can type on your smartphone, you can even add or update a blog post while riding the bus or waiting in line for coffee.

Multiple websites? No problem!

If you own more than one website, they can all be managed within one VROOM installation and database. This capability cuts hosting costs, simplifies the updating of your websites, and allows you to use just one database for your websites.

Powerful and useful modules

VROOM currently includes a blogging system, a shopping cart / e-commerce system, an event manager, and a user community manager with forums. These modules may be combined to work together to solve many common website needs. For example, the shopping cart may be used as a simple catalog of entities associated with or provided by your organization. One VROOM-based site for a regional association of schools lists each school as a product, thus allowing reviews and recommendations of individual schools.

Hosting flexibility

The VROOM CMS may be installed on your current hosting solution or you may choose to allow us to host it on our own server.

Wherever you want to go...

VROOM will take you there.